The primary objective of The Other Parent is to promote shared parenting in Washington State. We believe that it is time for Washington State government to stop segregating parents into ‘custodial’ and ‘non-custodial’ categories. The Other Parent is to educate the general public, government agencies, and legislators, we expect to improve the environment for childrearing. The education we are undertaking is to promote a balanced, supportive environment for children. The best environment for children includes shared parenting where each parent has approximately 50% ‘custody’, no less than 30% unless there are proven factors that are negative to parenting. Determination of these factors must be backed-up by evidence while no civil liberties are violated.

Furthermore, evaluation programs that monitor government activities must be put in place to understand how children are being supported and clearly show how government programs motivate behavior that benefits children.

The Other Parent also provides guidance and resources to any parent who wants assistance in their divorce.

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